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Yacht Classes Sailed

International One Metre


The International One Metre is a class that is sailed widely around Australia and Internationally. It alows controlled development in the hull and can use 3 strict one design rigs. The rules have been developed to produce close racing at an economical cost. A good fleet of IOM's sail at PLRMYC on Tuesdays and although there is a large range of hull designs the racing is competitive. This is the most popular radio yacht sailed in Australia. Second hand One Metres for sale can be found on our information page.

RC Laser


A Laser comes in the distinct blue carry bag ready-assembled so no boat building skills are needed. With a new boat out of the bag just add a radio and receiver and start sailing. The design is simple and exceedingly robust allowing Lasers to easily survive encounters with other boats and rocky shorelines. The relatively heavy keel and standard A, B, C and D rigs allow sailing in all winds up to 40 kts. With no mast stays and a single main sheet rigs can be changed in under half a minute.

RG 65


The RG65 is an international class. The rules limit only the length 65cm the height of the rig 110cm and the sail area 2250 sq cm. Boats are light, quick and responsive with the typical boat weighing around 1 kilogram complete with rigs rudder keel and bulb. The RG65 is very popular internationaly and is now popular with our members.

DF 65


Dragon Force RTR (Ready to Run) RC Sailboat. The Dragon Force has been developed to introduce an affordable competition style sailboat to the RC market. This sailboat is based on the ICE design with an ABS hull, profiled aluminum fin and molded plastic rudder. The rig is a full sized, low aspect RG65 rig with carbon spars and a ball raced gooseneck. The Dragon Force also features pre-installed radio and can be on the water and ready to sail within 30 minutes. For around $200.00 it is a great ideal boat for beginers and can be bought from the internet.



The DragonFlite 95 is constructed of several cutting edge components. With carbon fibre keel fin, advanced design keel bulb, shroudless keel step, one piece carbon mast and mylar sails this all new racer has the kind of light wind performance most other radio yachts can only dream of. Its lightweight and long, narrow hull would normally mean an inability to perform in strong winds, even when the boat is overpowered it still remains easily controllable to windward and always has astonishing speed. Around $500 and can also be bought on the internet.

Radio Marblehead


The modern ‘M’ class yacht is a ‘high-tech’ racer, sporting up to 6 measured rigs with trends of profiled rotating masts, unstayed carbon rigs, rotating rigs, pocket luff mainsails, pre-preg carbon hulls and fins offering a wide scope for design freedom. At only 1290mm in overall length, the restricted development allow both the professional or amateur designer/builder/sailmaker an attractive avenue to test their knowledge and skills in one of the most exhilarating radio yacht classes in the world.

There are also many kits and off the shelf yachts you can purchase from hobby shops not recognised as class yachts but can be fun to sail and a cheap way to start and see if you like the sport. All radio controlled yachts are most welcome to sail . Beginners will receive all necessary help to get started.

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